A Plus Aircraft Cleaning Rewards

Redeem rewards listed here utilizing your accumulated points. You can earn one point for every dollar you spend on an Aircraft Cleaning or detailing job performed by A Plus Aircraft

Nike polo with aerosup avionics logo 500
Altimeter Wall clock 500
Aerosup Avionics Services $50 credit1000
A+ Cleaning Services $50 credit1000
Fisher multi action retractable space plan 1000
Signature FBO $50 Credit1000
Aerosup Avionics Services $100 credit 2000
A+ Cleaning Services $100 credit2000
ASA CX-2 pathfinder flight computer2000
SkyTab 1350 Electronic Flight Bag 2000
Signature FBO $100 Credit2000
Oxy-go pro pulse oximeter 2500
Signature FBO $150 Credit 3000
Spot satellite personal tracker - generation 2 4000
Signature FBO $200 Credit4000
Aerosup Avionics Services $250 credit5000
A+ Cleaning Services $250 credit5000
Telex airman 750ss Headset5000
Signature FBO $250 Credit5000
Telex Airman 750 Headset6000
David clark H10-13.4 Headset6000
David clark H10-13S Headset6000
SP 200 NAV/COMM transceiver 6000
Torgoen T6 steel bracelet black face watch 6000
Telex ascend passive Headset7000
Flight jacket 7000
The Cockpit Antique Lambskin A-2 Leather Jacket 7500
Torgoen T! flight watch 8000
Garmin GPSMAP 96c 9000
Lenovo idea pad 9000
Zaon potable collision warning system mrx10000
Ipad wifi plan 16gb 6000
Garmin GPSMAP 196c 11000
Bendix/king AV8OR GPS12000
Telex ascend ANR Headset13000
Garmin Aera 500 portableGPS Map16000
Bose Aviation Headset X 18000
Bose A20 Aviation Headset (no Bluetooth) 22000
Garmin GPS 49525000
Zaon PCAS XRX27000
Garmin GPS 496 40000
Garmin GPSMAP 696 60000

* Allow 4-8 weeks for processing
* Rewards might be replaced by equivalent items without prior notice
* Rewards are not transferrable